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Kahsenniyo is part of the Mohawk Nation, wolf clan from Six Nations territory. Her personal story is one of great struggle and triumph. She has lived and experienced almost every statistic and stereotype about First Nation People. Through the magic of poetry and hard work she has been working tirelessly to brake these cycles for herself and her community.


As an artist these personal experiences have molded her. She began utilizing her poetry as a tool for social change and community engagement in 2008. Her work is focused around the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (North America). It aims to educate non-indigenous people as well as create moments of healing and understanding for Indigenous People.


As new opportunities began presenting themselves in 2009 Kahsenniyo began developing and facilitating workshops. She has delivered hundreds of workshops over the years to a variety of audiences.


In 2013 Kahsenniyo began offering curriculum development services. She draws on her experience of over a decade of working with communities and young people to craft exciting, engaging and educational workshops and curriculum’s. 

Kahsenniyo was the selected artist in residence for the Eastern Comma writer in residence. She continues to engage audiences and is currently working a publishing a collection of poetry.  





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