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Kahsenniyo Kick


Kahsenniyo is a multi disciplinary artist from the Mohawk Nation, Wolf clan from Six Nations territory. Her personal story is one of great struggle and triumph. She draws on her personal experience of teenage motherhood, intergenerational trauma, indigenous resistance and mothering through colonialism to create her art. Kahsenniyo is also a survivor of Forced Sterilization and an advocate against this ongoing practice in Canada. Kahsenniyo is also a survivor of Indian Day Schools. She has spent almost two decades on the front lines of numerous Indigenous resistance actions and has been a fierce advocate for Indigenous rights, climate change, youth, women and LGBTQ communities. Through the magic of art and poetry she has been working tirelessly to break cycles for herself, her children and community. Overall her art aims to educate non-indigenous people about the struggles, challenges and realities facing Indigenous people. As well her work attempts to create moments of understanding, connection and healing for Indigenous People. She is a beautiful storyteller that transforms her deep love for her community and people into her passionate performances and art work. 

Kahsenniyo began preforming her poetry professionally in 2008 and has remained committed to utilizing her poetry as a transformative tool for social change since then. She has delivered countless performances to audiences throughout Canada.

In 2009 Kahsenniyo began developing and facilitating workshops that focus on interaction and engagement as a way to bring to life her poetry and passion for healing our nations and educating non-Indigenous people.

In 2013 Kahsenniyo began offering curriculum development services. She draws on her experience of over a decade of working with communities and young people to craft exciting, engaging and educational workshops and curriculum’s for various organization and institutions.

Since 2021 she has been a member of the IndigiBabes Burlesque, a (mostly) Queer Indigenous Burlesque House based out of Toronto that aims to challenge colonial beauty standards and encourage Indigenous people to embrace their bodies and to walk through the world proud, confident and full of love for self.

Kahsenniyo is also the Co-Artistic director and model for a photo series entitled “She is not conquered”​ with the Rez-aissance Collective that will begin exhibiting in 2024. She is currently working on her second photo series examining forced sterilization.

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